There are more than just the people below who help NET Church to exist. Below are the names and faces of those who have committed to our vision early on and play visible roles today. As NET Church grows into further fulfillment of her vision, our team will grow as well!

minister Keith goosby ii

Lead Minister

Keith was born in Puerto Rico and raised in Southern California. From California, he moved to North Texas–where he now leads NET Church from his home.

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Jamila goosby

Women’s Discipleship Advisor

Jamila was born and spent most of her childhood in Southern California. She has also lived in New York, Maryland, Arkansas, and Illinois; and now leads NET Church from her home in North Texas.

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Minister Vincent T. Parker

Overseer, NET Church; Lead Pastor, Golden Gate MBC

Pastor Parker was raised in Washington, D.C. He has also lived in North Carolina, and spent a couple years living in Kenya. Pastor Parker lives and leads Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.

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minister Jonathan D. Johnson

Teaching Minister, Bible Study w/ Rocc

Jonathan was born, raised, and currently lives in South Texas, where he also leads the NET Church ministry, Bible Study w/ Rocc.

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