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We are putting some study resources together for you. There are links to a few sites that can help you in your discovery of God’s Word. We will also be adding original content, created by Min. Keith Goosby II and friends of our ministry, in hopes that your study life would be enriched.

#BSWR is on thursdays @ 7pm central

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A few weeks back, a friend of mine reached out to check on me—just to see how I was doing. I was about to text him, but just as I was searching for his name, the phone rang and it was him. We talked for a solid hour. It was refreshing!  I’m not sure how … Continue reading LOOKING FOR GOOD NEWS


Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone about something you’re well informed about and they refuse to accept actual true things as true? Like… they will shout you down to die on their hill of misinformation, make believe, and deception! There’s absolutely no getting through to them, because their mind is already … Continue reading BURST YOUR OWN BUBBLE


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