How can we pray for you?

Every one of us have things we need to talk to God about ourselves. Beyond those personal conversations with God, we also need others to step in and pray on our behalf. 

If you have a request or need you would like us to pray for, on your behalf, we would be honored to do so. 

Things you might submit as prayer requests are:

  • Healing: Physical, mental, emotional, relational, spiritual. For yourself or someone else.
  • Provision: Financial, Shelter, Food, Transportation. For yourself or someone else.
  • Forgiveness: Sins you have committed against God or a someone else (if you’ve committed sin against someone else, you need to ask their forgiveness to, if you can).
  • Wisdom/Direction: A choice you need to make. Insight on how you should handle a situation.
  • …and many other things, such as: Favor, Peace, Freedom, Spiritual or Political Leaders, Miracles, Desires…

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