Have you ever tried to have a conversation with someone about something you’re well informed about and they refuse to accept actual true things as true? Like… they will shout you down to die on their hill of misinformation, make believe, and deception! There’s absolutely no getting through to them, because their mind is already … Continue reading BURST YOUR OWN BUBBLE


You ever read something and be like, ‘wait a minute… that don’t make no sense!’ Well, that was my reaction when reading this passage. Like so many others, I’ve read this several times before, and I saw the apparent contradiction, but I just let it be. The way my faith compels me to approach scripture … Continue reading SHARE THE WEIGHT, BUT CARRY YOUR OWN FREIGHT


The very evident systemic social and political problems in the United States are not likely to be solved using the systems of the United States. How can the very system, with built in tricks, traps, and dead-ends (reserved for certain types of people) resolve it’s own deficiencies? How can we even call them “deficiencies” with a straight face?


Don’t leave me! Don’t leave me! I promise this isn’t about what you think it is. For as long as I can remember, Proverbs 31 has been used to teach about the “wife of noble character.” In fairness, that’s what verses 10-31 are about. tIt’s a good thing. It’s a great model to follow! But there are directives for men in here that tend to get overlooked.


The story of the paralyzed man being healed does not expressly state that these men who carried him were his friends. We come to this conclusion because of what they cared about; and consequently, what they couldn’t have cared less about. Well how do you know what they did or did not care about? Funny you should ask. There’s a simple axiom that explains it all: “Actions speak louder than words.”

It Could All Be So Simple

The song Ex-Factor isn’t quite the romance any of us truly desires to have. This is more of an it’s complicated/situation-ship saga. Regardless of our track record or current relationship status, many of us fancy ourselves relationship experts. Often, it seems those who should be doing the most listening are actually the ones doing the most talking. Nonetheless, this song paints the picture of a relationship that most of us would rather not find ourselves on the non-reciprocated end of.


For some, words are not enough to signal a new direction. Several social media posts get reposted with screenshots of previous words, articles, or accusations accompanied by two simple words, phrased as a question: “This you?" It seems necessary to remind people of their worst when they were trying to be better—to be their best.