Do you remember Dolly the Sheep? Dolly was a sheep cloned by scientists in 1996. She was a pioneer. Cloning animals has become pretty common place since then. Now we kind of try to avoid GMOs, but this isn’t a soapbox for that topic. I bring up Dolly because she (brace yourself) reminds me a bit of Jesus. Yep! I did it. I compared a sheep made in a lab to the Lamb of God. You’ll be alright.

Heart. Mind. Soul.

What’s the first thing you learned how to do as a kid? There are so many things I was taught and learned as a kid. I’m not sure I could pinpoint what the very first thing was, but I’m willing to bet I remember how to do it. In fact, at this point, it’s probably something that comes second nature. When we are first learning to do something, there are often stages of learning that we build upon as we go on.