Casting a net to capture good news from the deep.

In Luke 5:1-11, we find the story where Jesus borrowed Peter’s boat to teach from. After He was done teaching, He told Peter and his crew to go out deeper and put their nets down. After hearing Rabbi Jesus teach, Peter figured he would trust His word and give it a try. He was skeptical, because the night before Peter and his crew had fished all night and caught nothing. 

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Peter was already coping with the bad news resulting from a fruitless night of work. He didn’t need anymore bad news. No one wants a second helping of poor results and bad news. Still, he told Jesus they would do it—just because He had told them to. 

After following Jesus’ direction, Peter caught so many fish in his nets, that he had to call another boat over to help them pull up the catch. 

That’s what we’re doing with this campaign. There’s enough bad news and negative energy being passed about and shared across the internet. We’re trying to catch some good news for a change! We want to go out into the deep and let our net down to see if we can come up with some good news from others.

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Here’s how you can join us!

On Twitter:

1. Comment or Quote RT our #goodnewsNET tweet and share some good news from your past week.
2. Use the hashtag #goodnewsNET
3. Tag 3 people to do the same.

Here’s my good news for your TL… #goodnewsNET

On Instagram:

1. Like our #goodnewsNET post & tag 3 friends in our comments.
2. Post a pic that represents some good news from your past week.
3. Share your good news on your post caption and use the hashtag #goodnewsNET

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On Your Phone:

1. Reach out to at least one person per week to find out what’s going good in their life.
2. Celebrate with them!
3. If they don’t feel like they have any good news, comfort them. Listen to them. Maybe even offer to pray for them.

Even if we don’t get to see every post, and every story doesn’t link back to us or include the hashtag, it doesn’t matter. We’re good with that! As long as good news is getting sought out, shared, and passed around, our goal will have been accomplished.

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