Study Notes

Here, we are beginning a collection of study notes for you. Some of these will be useful for conducting a Bible study of your own, for personal devotional use, or to spark or enhance your own study of certain scriptures or topics.

inside straight, part 1

What is on the inside is what matters most. Is your inside straight? This study takes a look at 1 Samuel 16, where David is anointed to be the next king of Israel.

Suggested Reading: 1 Samuel 8, 1 Samuel 15:1 – 16:12

inside straight, part 2

Your dedication to the preparation reflects the depth of your trust in God. Are you willing to stick with the process to prepare for what’s next? This study takes a look at 1 Samuel 17, where David encounters a challenge that he views as an opportunity, even though no one else is up for the fight.

Suggested Reading: 1 Samuel 16:1 – 17:37

let me fynout

Everyone is going to find out–or ‘fynout’ about Jesus somehow. However, once we’ve found out, it shouldn’t stop there. In this study, we look at John 4, where Jesus has a meeting with a woman at a well. She finds out and then others find out because she decides to make her encounter the start of something and not the end unto itself.

Suggested Reading: John 4:1-42

new hotness, PART 1

It’s not uncommon for followers of Jesus to have our faith tested, or ‘thrown into the fire’ …so to speak. This study examines the experience of three guys who had their character, integrity, and faith challenged with fire–literally.

Suggested Reading: Daniel 2:1-3:18


God doesn’t force us to choose Him. However, whatever our choice is, it needs to be clear. Using the story of Elijah’s showdown on Mt. Carmel, this study helps us to examine who or what we have on the throne of our lives–the truth about the choice we’ve made.

Suggested Reading: 1 Kings 17:1-7, 18:1-41

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