Have you ever just had it? Like… something just burrowed its way in, down to your last nerve, and that was it. There wasn’t any more of what (or who)-ever it was that you could take. Any more and that would be the end of it. Any more and you were going to take swift and decisive action. You ever had it like that? 

If you haven’t, I don’t believe you. No one has that much patience. You’re lying lol …you probably cussed somebody out just last week. You’ve had it like that. We’ve all had it like that.

When I look at the sin-manufactured problems we see all around us here in the U.S.—the anger, the hatred, the sickness, the inequality, the selfishness… I see these things and they make me upset and hot on the inside. After a certain point, its like… ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

This past Thursday, my friend Jonathan (LeRocc James) and I (Keith Wade …he came up with these lol) did it again. We had Bible Study—a much more challenging accomplishment than you might imagine. We talked about this poor widow (Mark 12:41-44) who barely had anything and still gave all she had. 

These few short verses don’t tell us everything about her life, but they give us enough details to know she had both been through much and also did not have much. We know she was once married. We know her husband died. We know that whatever he left her (if anything) was gone. There’s a high probability she had been taken advantage of. We know she was poor. And we know that what she brought, as a voluntary offering, was the equivalent to about $2 today (I explained my math in Bible study, I’m sorry if you missed it). 

(I’m not sorry. You should have been there.)

As little as she had, Jesus said it was a lot. He even valued higher than the offerings of those who gave a lot. He said they had a lot, so it didn’t really cost them anything to give what they gave. Jesus would make the fiscal conservatives very upset.

One of the questions we asked ourselves and discussed in Bible study was: What is something you’ve been holding on to because you feel like it isn’t enough?

A number of people shared, but one person in particular—in addition to sharing what he had been holding on to, shared an affirmation. This affirmation became a challenge, a challenge that is part of the inspiration for what you are reading now. He said:

“I am enough for what God called me to be.”

— Mr. Davis

I felt the need to pull this little bait & switch, from the top of this post to right here, because I wasn’t sure if you knew this and I wanted to make sure I had your attention to tell you:


Who God created you to be and the purpose He created you to fulfill already exist. God created those things and placed them inside of you. God isn’t waiting on you to get a certain number of followers, subscriptions, or likes. He’s not waiting on you to finish that certificate or degree program. He’s not waiting for others to see what He put in you. 

God is only waiting for YOU. Me too. He is waiting for us to get with His program and walk it like He talked it. We’re the ones who make up that what we have isn’t enough. Jesus said that poor woman’s lil’ two dollars was more than what everybody else had put in the offering.

By human comparison, ole girl should have saved up a little more before she marched around the church and dropped them singles in the offering plate. But in the eyes of Jesus—God in thee very flesh Himself, them little coins were enough already.

Back to being fed up… I started there because I know you know what that feels like. You know what it’s like to be at your limit. To be maxed out. Well, that thing you’ve been holding on to because you thought it wasn’t enough, it’s maxed out. It may become more in the future, but not until you do something with what you’ve already got!

It doesn’t have to be big. It doesn’t even have to get noticed by those around you. Jesus had to point out the widow’s offering. Jesus may have to point out what you bring to the table too; but that’s okay. It’s enough already. You’re enough already. Give what you’ve got to God and He will handle the rest.

God has given us all a mission. The mission God has given me (part of it, at least) is to start a church. Specifically, to start NET Church. He didn’t give you that mission (or maybe He did and you didn’t do it so now I’m typing this instead of you lol). God equipped you for and gave you a different individual mission to accomplish. Our individual missions are just our little part in God’s grand design. There is, however, a place where our missions intersect. 

The Great Commission is the intersection where all of the roads and paths God has sent us down meet. The disciples may have ended up going to different regions to fulfill their individual missions after they left Jerusalem, but they shared the same co-mission. 

That prefix “co” or “com” means “with” or “together”. A pilot and another pilot can both fly planes. They can fly different planes, in different directions, with different destinations. But when there is a co-pilot, that means two pilots are going together, to the same place, assisting one another along the way. It’s the same reason you shouldn’t co-sign. Someone else gets the car, but y’all both got the debt! The Great Commission is for all of us—together.

What you’re supposed to do and what I’m supposed to do are all part of a larger plan. When we walk in obedience to the commandments and the commission Jesus gave us, and put what God gifted us with to work for His purpose, all of our little bits is a lot.

You and me, we are already at our limits. There’s nothing left to get right now, because we’ve had it. It’s time to take some swift and decisive action. To step forward and offer all we have to God and His Kingdom. I don’t need to be any more of a preacher to preach. You don’t need to be any more of who you are to do what you do what you do. We’ve got to stop holding on to what we’ve got, thinking it’s of little value. Like the boy’s lunch that ended up feeding over 5,000 men, plus women and children (verse..), you and me… in Jesus’ hands… We are enough already.

Keith Goosby II is the founding minister of NET Church. He has served in ministry for over 20 years, in various capacities–including music, social media management, teaching, preaching, consulting, and leadership. Keith’s first church experience as a child was a home church. Since then, he has attended and served at churches sizing from just a few to over 10,000–of various denominations and affiliations. As NET Church is being planted, Keith continues to serve at his Dallas home church, Golden Gate MBC, in Dallas, TX, under the leadership of Minister Vincent T. Parker. Keith is married and currently lives in the Dallas area with his wife and three sons.


If you would like to financially contribute to the planting, development, growth, and ministry of NET Church, options are available in the link below. We are grateful for every gift and even for your consideration. Thank you!


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